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The hilarity of Harry Potter quotes when changing “wand” to “penis”

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101 Ways To Torch Fat Fast



Eat six small meals a day. Stoking your body with food every three to four hours can rev your metabolism to the max.


Run 10 100-yard sprints and burn up to 500 calories.


Wait 20 minutes before going for seconds.


Throw on a hoodie before…

Six New(ish) Brands I’ve Been Watching



Yves Saint Laurent was once quoted as saying, “I am no longer concerned with sensation and innovation, but with the perfection of my style.” I wish I had that kind of singular focus. While I’m mostly interested in tailored clothing, my mind drifts when it comes to casualwear. I find myself sampling here and there, being drawn to new brands and styles every so often. Here are six newish companies I’ve been looking at this past year. Perhaps you’ll find something to like as well. 

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Creative Fashionary sketches by Grace Ciao

Grace is a fashion illustrator from Singapore. She draws inspiration from everything around her. Her favourite materials are watercolours and flowers. Here are her amazing Fashionary sketches inspired by flowers!

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